Sitemap - 2021 - Focus and Simplicity

Tie your self-worth to success and you’ll feel worthless

Others’ opinions about you is the worst source for happiness

It might be difficult to be content with little…

It’s ok to be ordinary

Our brains are constantly looking for cues for what’s enough

Why experiences make us happier than stuff

Direction in life is more important than speed

Materialism is a deceptive game that keeps us from living fulfilling lives

Clear thinking requires regular rest for your mind

Be careful of sharing your life on social media

No need to fight the human need for growth

We know others better than ourselves

Living in the moment requires deliberate planning

Richness is simply having your needs covered

It's not the obvious clutter that needs your attention

A strong sense of purpose is more important than ever

Pleasure should be the spice of life, not the main course

Show off with things that genuinely increase the quality of life

Do not envy someone based on their worldly possessions

Minimalism can’t control perfectionism

Do I want this, or do I want to look like someone with this?

Better relationships make us less prone to materialism

Appreciating the little things in life is essential to maximize happiness

Live your materialistic dreams in your head until you’re bored. Now what?

If you’re not content with a little, you won’t be with a lot

Impressing others is the worst reason to buy anything

Admiring busyness is silly

Comparison is an unwinnable game

Desire comes at the cost of gratitude