Appreciating the little things in life is essential to maximize happiness

They’re always going to be around, so you might as well learn to get joy from them now

I used to think appreciating the little things in life was something to do when you’ve given up on your dreams. A sign of defeat and something you console yourself with once you’ve realized you’re never going to get what you want in life.

“Who cares that the birds are singing? I’ve got work to do to reach my goals. Goals that will make me happy.”

But the little things aren’t going anywhere. No matter how materialistically successful a person is, their life will always be full of little things up to their interpretation. They’ll still need to drink water on their yacht. They’ll hear birds sing from their mansion. They’ll experience rain, see flowers, and talk with an old friend—even with hundreds of millions in their bank account.

How one chooses to view these little things significantly affects their quality of life, regardless of their external life.

There is no limit to how many things you can get joy from. You will always be happier when you appreciate the little things too.

Enjoying the ride isn’t going to hinder you from reaching whatever goals you have in life. Being grateful isn’t time-consuming.

External goals in life are uncertain, but experiencing life with all its small things isn’t. You might as well learn to appreciate them now, since no matter where you’re now or where you’re headed, the little things are always going to be around and impact your quality of life.

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