No need to fight the human need for growth

We can direct it elsewhere than materialistic success

We have an innate need for personal growth, making progress in our lives. For some, the need is stronger than others, but everyone has it on some level. That’s why the magical “one more thing and I’m all set forever” is rarely true. We’re forever hungry for some type of progress.

Our need to grow fights our ability to feel content. Either we want to make progress, or we’re perfectly fine with how something is.

We can practice gratitude to be more content, but we can also re-evaluate where we direct our need for growth. Materialistic success is often our default mode, but we can shift our focus and improve other, more fulfilling areas of our lives. For example, we can make progress on healthy habits, deepen our relationships, and learn skills that give us honest, intrinsic joy.

Feeding your need to grow in areas that truly make your life better allows you to be content with things where growth gives trivial results.

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