Comparison is an unwinnable game

This is true at any level

No matter how accomplished you are, someone will be better at some skill or characteristic you admire. This means that if you constantly compare yourself to others and base your worth on those observations, you’ll feel like shit all the time.

I often think about top athletes who have devoted their whole lives to become as good as they possibly can be. Still, there can only be one who is best. One of possibly millions of other professionals.

Even the single best athlete can compare him- or herself to someone else and feel inferior—perhaps to an athlete from another sport. Maybe another sport is more respected. Maybe the other sport results in the other athlete being in better physical condition.

Comparison is an unwinnable game and it never stops if you let it roam free. It doesn’t just end when you’re at some imaginary external goal. You need to deal with it internally.

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