Clear thinking requires regular rest for your mind

Don’t overstimulate or pollute your most valuable asset

Increasing the clarity of your thoughts is directly linked to a higher quality of life because our thoughts are essentially our whole lives. They’re the last filter that interprets our surroundings.

A cluttered, overworked, distracted, or hazy mind diminishes our ability to experience life properly. We can’t stay in the moment, observe ourselves and get to know ourselves, can’t picture where we want to go, and can’t even make full use of the memories we create.

Unfortunately, we live in the worst kind of world for a clear mind. There’s constant access to something to stimulate our mind with, giving it rest only when we sleep. Most content is designed to trigger us emotionally. A lot of it pushes us to pick sides and to launch us into endless and unneeded debates. We’re running arguments in our heads about topics that don’t affect us.

Our brain is constantly working, and most of it is on stuff that doesn’t help us in any way. On the contrary, it keeps us from having clarity on what’s important. Watching a reality show and forming opinions on made-up relationships has a cost to it.

The most important place to declutter and free up space is not your wardrobe or email inbox, although I suggest going through both.

Prioritize your mind. It affects everything.

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