Direction in life is more important than speed

Slow can be good, fast can be fine, just know where you want to go

Slow living isn’t the answer to everything. If you’re going too fast to enjoy anything, by all means, slow down. Life is too short and uncertain to postpone living to the future.

But the clarity of where I want to go matters much more to me. Intentionality with my actions is what keeps me fulfilled.

Sometimes I like to live a little faster. Occasionally, I might even enjoy minor stress. Other times I feel the need to slow down for a while.

It’s also different depending on the area of my life. In some areas, I want to soak the whole journey in to the last detail. In others, I’m more outcome-oriented, usually because the outcomes serve a higher purpose for me.

I know people who clearly enjoy being busy, and I know equally happy people who tend to take it much slower. What unites the happy ones is that they all seem to have a clear focus of what they want out of life.

Slow or fast, do whatever feels good to you. Just be clear on where you want to go.

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