Do not envy someone based on their worldly possessions

It doesn’t tell much about their life quality

If you cannot get rid of envy completely, at least understand that being envious of someone’s possessions is illogical.

Everyone buys stuff to feel better. But when you think about your own life, how much do the things others might be envious of really improve your life? Are you constantly sparkling with joy when you wear your expensive sweater, and does your BMW make you grateful everyday? Or do they perhaps become parts of your life that you take—more or less—for granted?

You have no idea how a car, a piece of clothing, a phone, or even expensive experiences makes someone feel. Nor do you know how many sacrifices they’ve required. Maybe so many that the results weren’t worth it.

Being envious of someone’s stuff is like being envious of someone’s lottery ticket. You know from first-hand experience that the ticket is probably not going to give the results that someone is hoping for.

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