Stop trying to discover new products to buy

How important can something be if you didn’t even know you needed it?

Browsing or visiting a store to come up with something you need is the most absurd form of materialism I know.

“Eye therapy cream? Huh, I guess I do have dark circles under my eyes. And apparently, they’re not supposed to be there? I’d better buy this cream to solve the problem I discovered six seconds ago.”

It’s fueled by two things: our curiosity and our need to accomplish even the most trivial tasks to feel like we’re progressing with our lives. Both can be dealt with in a better way.

We can read new books, taste new foods, talk with new people, and visit new places to feed our curiosity.

We can have clear and intrinsically meaningful goals or values that allow us to accomplish things that help us progress toward what actually matters to us.

We’re not doing ourselves any favors by trying to figure out what we could buy today.

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