Minimalism can’t control perfectionism

The initial feeling a perfectionist gets from cutting stuff out of their life is deceptive

Years ago, my perfectionist nature embraced minimalism with open arms. Just the idea of having less in my life to obsess about getting just right gave me a sense of relief, and whenever I discarded stuff or let go of a project that didn’t serve my life goals, the feeling became almost tangible. I truly didn’t have to think about that particular object or issue ever again.

The result was less stuff and fewer things going on in my life, but unfortunately, it doesn’t matter for a perfectionist. Perfection is unattainable—a never-ending chase—so even minor things can pre-occupy a perfectionist’s mind virtually forever. I simply sank the freed-up time to further perfect what I had left.

From the outside, it looked like I was living a simple life, but aiming for perfection is the opposite of simple. It wasn’t until I started working on perfectionism itself when I was able to get more peace of mind.

No one can cure perfectionist tendencies with decluttering. The change needs to be internal.

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