Focus and Simplicity is my mission to offer an antidote to modern-day problems.

We live in a world where we have more than ever but struggle to feel happy and content. Our environment has evolved too rapidly for us to handle. No longer can we follow our natural instincts to a good life because it’s precisely those instincts that are abused by businesses to make money. We’ve been utterly misguided on where fulfillment comes from, and it’s only getting worse.

If we want to thrive in a world like this, we need a hard reality check and a new framework for living. Minimalism (such as my other project, The Minimalist Wardrobe) is just one small part of it. I aim to build an all-encompassing resource and community that helps everyone navigate this distracting, overwhelming, and draining world.

Today Focus and Simplicity is a simple newsletter of my thoughts and observations that hopefully help reframe your mind, but I’m building it into something bigger. I’ll include regular updates about that, too, in my emails.